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Ventures & Beyond provides consultancy and services in the following areas of core expertise.  

Entrepreneurship & the Ecosystem



Startup Business & Law


Investment Management


Venture Capital Business


Corporate Venture Capital



White Structure


Ventures & Beyond provides the following consultancy and services. 


Strategic consultancy from the Ventures & Beyond team within their core areas of expertise.  

Startup evaluation

Startup evaluation analysis conducted with the special framework developed by Ventures & Beyond.

Startup scouting

Scouting and selecting startups based on customer's needs, operating industries and verticals of interest. 


Preparation or collection of ecosystem reports and academic / business articles based on customer's needs and selected areas of interest.   

Digital / Physical


Organization of digital or physical events based on customer's needs within the ecosystem. Events aim to enhance business development, networking, ideation, talent search.   

Tutorial material

Preparation or collection of tutorial material such as media or literature based on customer's needs within the ecosystem.   

Entrepreneurship programs

Establishment of entrepreneurship programs for corporates or institutions also known as "Intrapreneurship". These programs mainly include phases such as training, mentoring, demo-day and award ceremony.  



Explore the latest global / local publications (industry reports, business & academic articles) on all aspects of innovation and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.  

Ecosystem Report:
Venture Capital backed Exits profile in the Turkish entrepreneurial ecosystem

Data related to exits are considered as signals for VCs’ performance and can be used as a key element for successful follow up investments. This report attempted to generate a profile of VC exits this by analyzing the Turkish VC exits in terms of their sector, fund type, exit stage, exit type, and exit duration; within a time interval of 10 years (2013-2022).

Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the New Health Economy

This publication analyzes the increasingly important role played by entrepreneurs of SMEs and start-ups in strengthening health systems in developing countries. It builds on three sessions of the World Investment Forum (WIF) that took place in 2021, focusing on entrepreneurship in the new health economy in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia-Pacific. 

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) 2021/2022: Global Report Opportunity Amid Disruption

This is the latest report of The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) which is the largest study of entrepreneurship in the world that highlights entrepreneurship trends globally. Report findings are based on interviews and surveys with over 150,000 adults from 50 economies. It has been around since 1999 and has a well-tested and validated methodology. 

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